Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knit Michigan 2012 was Wonderful!

Plarn tote bag

Rainbow cap (Bernat "Mosaic")

Tweed cap (wool)
HOPE hat (cotton)

HOPE hat (cotton)
I had a fabulous time at KM 2012 in Bloomfield Hills--what a great event! My small class of knitting & crocheting recyclers was lots of FUN.  I also attended the tunisian entrelac crochet class with Nancy McRay--very very interesting technique! Delightfully, I won the People's Choice award for the Chemo Cap Contest


  1. Hi Jane
    I'm a crocheter in Australia. How do you find knitting with the video tape? I've found it to be too wide and slippery. I love crocheting with audio cassette tape but that is still a little slippery too.
    You do gorgeous work and have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing!! Kylie :-)

  2. Hi Kylie--thank you so much for your support! I like using both kinds of tape--with the VHS tape I always combine it with a yarn or fabric strip, AND use big needles. I would love to see some of your work with tapes, if you are able to share. Thanks! Jane