Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recycled Sweater Hats

This hat is offered for sale on my ETSY site!

Recycled Sweater Hats

Wool sweaters cut up and reassembled into warm, funky hats!  Offered for sale on my ETSY site.

Recycled Sweater Hats

A striped wool sweater fulled and cut up to make a hat constructed with crochet.  This hat is offered for sale on my ETSY site.

Fertile Flamingo

Collage piece reusing Christmas card, embellished with crocheted fabric and pom poms.

Fecund Imagination

Collaged images laminated in plastic and then crocheted together with videotape mixed with yarn & sequins.

Wired for Peace

Wire and beads twisted to make a hanging peace sign   (six inches diamter). This handmade, unique item is offered for sale on my ETSY site. 

Recycled Book Coasters

Upcycled paperback novel covers reincarnated as coasters, laminated in plastic.  Offered for sale on my ETSY site!

Bag Made out of Plastic Bags

Bag knitted from recycled grocery bags and silk yarn. The roughness of the silk yarn contrasts with the smooth plastic strips to create an intriguing texture.  The knitted bag has a crocheted circular bottom, which is entirely silk content.

Video Purse