Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Make Zome Zines!!

Join me tomorrow at the Lansing Art Gallery (next to Kositchek's) at NOON for arty fun!!  I will show you how to make zines with folded paper, markers, stickers and crayons.  You will amaze yourself and it is a FREE event! Pop Up Art

Thursday, July 21, 2016

To Brighten Your Day...

Check out the Museum of Bad Art for your enjoyment!  MOBA

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

GreenCraft Magazine 2016

I am happy to be included, in a small way, in the autumn issue of "GreenCraft Magazine"!   GREEN It is my fond remembrance of Aunt Iva and Grandma Reiter.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Class with Sujata Shah

I enjoyed a wonderful class, "Windmills," on Friday the 15th with artist Sujata Shah.  The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild hosted her for the weekend with workshops and presentations.  GAAQG She is an excellent teacher and most inspiring--plus the other students were a blast!   It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend her as an instructor!!

Ms. Shah's Daffodil quilt, detail of stitching

Ms. Shah's quilt--I LOVE the stitching!

Made by Sujata Shah

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More of ICAD fun!

Daisy Yellow  hosts an annual project called The Index-Card-a-Day Challenge and it is great.  My cards are 3X5".  Daisy Yellow 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Women’s Caucus for Art Michigan Features Art in Ann Arbor's Buses

The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) has partnered with the Women’s Caucus for Art Michigan (WCAMI) to feature artwork inside its buses this summer. The WCAMI held a competition for poster designs which resulted in eight finalists. Their artwork will be featured inside buses throughout TheRide’s expanded and improved service area.
The “Women, Yes!” campaign provides exciting and thought-provoking visual artworks that represent the stories of women’s lives and how those stories change as women take charge of their own destiny. “When a woman is empowered, it transforms not only her own life but also the lives of her family, her children, and her community,” said Margaret Parker, President of WCAMI. “This is a story that the Women’s Caucus for Art of Michigan is proud to share with the widest possible audience by exhibiting this work in conjunction with TheRide’s public transportation system.”
“Women, Yes!” enlivens city buses with visual art and serves as a forum to initiate positive change through art. The Michigan Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art is one of 24 chapters around the country that are part of the National Women’s Caucus for Art.

Winning Artists:
Jane Reiter: “Think About It”
Jane Reiter is a librarian, artist and Zentangle teacher who lives in Lansing.  She creates art with mixed media collage, fiber and Zentangle, a meditative drawing process.
“Think About It” presents a woman with an intense, piercing, and strong gaze into the viewer’s eyes
Carol Morris: “Lady in Green and Red Dress,” “Mona Lisa in a Business Suit”
Carol Morris is a published poet and multi-media artist who has exhibited nationally. She is a retired Senior Policy Analyst for the State of Michigan who lives in Ann Arbor.
“Lady in Green and Red Dress” is a watercolor collage on Yupo paper that includes an original cover illustration of a woman from Redbook Magazine, 1936.
“Mona Lisa in a Business Suit” is a watercolor collage on vintage wallpaper.
Margaret Parker: “Day in the Life”
Margaret Parker is an artist whose paintings, sculpture and installations have been shown nationally and in Canada and Mexico. Her work is in the collection of the United States Capitol, the State Department Art Bank, the University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School, and many private collections.
“Day in the Life” is a painting in gouache that follows a woman down all the exuberant paths of her daily life.
Cat Jackson: “Flying,” “Fab”
Cat Jackson is an artist and printmaker who lives in Norton Shores and shows her work throughout the state and on etsy under catjacksonstudio. 
“Flying” is linoleum cut block print that encourages us all to be fearless and follow our path, no matter how challenging it may be. 
“Fab” is linoleum cut block print that encourages fierce, beautiful and strong femininity.

Eloise Hirlemann: “Dancers on Blue”
Eloise Hirlemann, a Sister of Mercy, lives and works in Farmington Hills. Her work has been exhibited in and around Detroit.
“Dancers on Blue” speaks about women enjoying lives of affectionate respect, equality, compassion and union with others.
Barbara Melnik Carson: “We are all Sisters 3”
Barbara Melnik Carson is a Detroit-born sculptor living in Ann Arbor. Her work has been exhibited in New York and around the Midwest and is held in private collections from Detroit to Ukraine.
We are all Sisters 3” represents my teachers in a diverse Detroit neighborhood, sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who taught us that educated women could be strong leaders in faith while teaching empathy and social justice.

Ben Venom

I was unaware of his artwork using repurposed fabrics and quilting...Textile Artist

Thursday, July 7, 2016