Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collage Studio at Lansing Art Gallery

Artist discussing collage with Cathy Babcock.
I am teaching an art class for kids June 27-30th at the Lansing Art Gallery. We'll meet 9AM-NOON, supplies provided, and the registration fee is $80.00.  We will explore collage as a way to express ideas, emotions and thoughts about the world.  UPDATE:  We had a blast!  Six very creative students!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Personalize Your Own Reusable Tote Bag!

MATERIALS:             Reusable shopping bag/book bag
            2 pictures or decorative paper, 7”X10”—laminated with 8 ½”X11” plastic
            Hole punch, ¼” Diameter
            Plastic jewels/rhinestones
            White craft glue, i.e., “Sobo” or “Alene’s”
            Crochet hook, E or F
            Colorful nylon or cotton cord/yarn
            Sewing thread and needle
             1.     Laminate the two pictures/papers with plastic.  Punch holes, in regular intervals,  around  the edge of the two laminated sheets.  (I use about ¾” as my gauge).

 2.     Using crochet hook and cord/yarn, crochet around the entire edge of both sheets, using three stitches per punch hole.  Make double stitches at the corners to accommodate corner ease.  Use color that accents and complements the colors in your pictures/papers.

 3.     Using sewing thread and needle, attach and secure both sheets to two sides with hand  stitching.

 4.     Determine placement of jewels – then use craft glue to attach jewels onto bag.  You will have to complete one side at a time – one side will have to dry/set completely before you can do the opposite side. I let my jewels set for one day before I complete the other bag exterior.  Be generous with the glue -- it will dry clear.

 5.     Go wild and decorate the pleated sides – or stich colorful ribbon onto the handle.   If you do not  want to laminate paper utilize two pieces of colorful fabric.  This is an imaginative project for youth or adults – everyone likes to make a creative statement with their individualized bag!