Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From Artist Traci Bautista

12.twelve.12 Today we'll have a little fun using the date to inspire our HOLIDAY creativity... take 12 pictures highlight your FAVE things today / draw 12 holiday doodles in your journal/ print out 12 photos and collage them into your journal or sketchbook/ write & reflect on 12 things you accomplished in 2012/ paint 12 colorful art journal backgrounds with 12 different tools/ draw 12 lines in your journal, then write your thoughts between the lines/ write about 12 things you do during the holidays? any holiday traditions?/ turn to page 12 in your favorite book or magazine and use the words or images to inspire your journal page/ 12 things I love about the holidays are.../ stamp or draw the number 12 in the center of your journal spread/ tell a story about your holiday season in 12 photos/ write a list of 12 things you are thankful for/ photocopy a journal page, cut it into 12 pieces then collage it onto another journal page

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